accessing the core

i’ve been humming and harring about the core model. to be really capable there is a need to avoid over-dependence on Jena and over-engineering the API. i’d like the core to be abstracted from Jena so that as if an alternative model comes along, or if/when Jena release version 2, there shouldn’t be any major […]

list view

Although not immediately apparent, the usefulness of the list view is large. In a nutshell, the concept of the list view is that it provides a flat list of all Resources thus: To list is very basic, so perhaps the resource type could be included in a table rather than a list view. Filters could […]

RDF Namespace Oddness

in building RDFSchemaLabelProvider i’ve had some interesting namespace problems. some namespaces are defined, ending with a “#”, which include the name of the definition file, some have no hash, no trailing slash, and define a URL where that file can be assumed to be, for example: [xml] [/xml] This is a pain when trying to […]

rdf structures

RDF contains some structures. Bag and Set, for example – then – extensions to the schema can also contain structures – DAM+OIL and OWL for example add concepts of cardinality – should the browser be able to handle these specially, or just treat them as resources (which they are). Essentially – is there a need […]

adaptive resource representation

the idea of dynamic schema validation got me thinking about adaptive resource representation in the UI. It coudl be quite effectively handled with decorators, so the concept could work for more than just schema – it could be extended to information which is owned vs borrowed, trusted vs un-trusted, fresh vs stale vs expired etc…

Programming the UI with RDFS:Label

Although not all schemas are accessible, many are; which is good news. What’s even better is the existence of “rdfs:label” which “Provides a human-readable version of a resource name.” So now any unknown label should be retrievable by going to the URI specified in the NS, downloading the RDF Schema document, pulling out the appropriate […]

properties linked

Some good news. I now have an RDFX View linked to the properties view so that both Resources and Literals are showing up. Still to do however: 1. Stop showing the triple, just show the RDF object value 2. Display resources and Literals in different twisties within the Properties View (and add user preference) 3. […]