extending stattraq

one of the most useful things that stattraq author randy has done (apart from writing stattraq) is write up a few words about hacking wordpress. and as a kind of review of these notes, i had a go at knocking up a wordpress plugin that makes a database query. i wrote my first wordpress plugin yesterday, so this is my second. it’s the first one i’ve done that accessed the db, and the first one that i’ll stick out into the real world. Continue reading

RDF Content Negotiation (Apache and Java)

I notice that several folk are arriving at the rdf namespace oddness page which describes the slightly opaque problem of understanding RDF Schema URI’s and how to go about loading them.

I’ve long since found a solution, following a discussion on #rdfig a long time back. That solution is content negotiation, so for the record, here’s how I’ve done it. Continue reading

wordpress statistics

i’ve just installed the StatTraq 1.0a beta and (barring a few beta-level hiccups) it’s very nice.

unlike several other stats mechanisms i’ve looked at, StatTraq was a doddle to install requiring only the uploading of files (no .htaccess fiddling), and no manual adding of filters, which is always a bonus.

by the time i got through the very simple configuration page it was already telling me about two visitors i’d had to the site.

this looks to be a highly capable plugin, so i’ll comment again after a few days/weeks/months to provide some feedback on how useful the resulting information is.