one such project

rdfx (the x being the same x as in x rays – i.e. unknown) may be going down the road shelly and danny discuss. for the uninitiated, it was born out of an attempt to use rdf as part of a larger ubiquitous information service browser which would combine data retrieved from disparate sources.

Exploding Dog

Exploding Dog* features pictures drawn by sam brown. It’s updated on an ad-hoc basis. Some of the pics are odd, some are unfathomable, some make you sad, some make you happy. one or two, every few months, are fantastic; they take you somewhere you’re not expecting.

#globus IRC

IRC savvy grid researchers may be pleased to learn that there is now a #globus channel on the channel is currently quite sparsely populated but as more people learn & lurk this will no doubt change. all are welcome.