I’m a little excited and apprehensive because my boss (who is me, incidentally) today decided to roll out a new silent-computer initiative throughout our corporate offices (i.e. my little back room). To whit, I have today ordered a water-cooing kit for the Dual Xeon 2.8GHz machine on which I perform my daily feats of technical investigation. Continue reading

Family, Friends and Geeks Bearings Gifts

We received a message from John Lewis today – the people who have been handling our wedding list – telling us what everyone’s bought us. We’ll be contacting everyone individually soon, but the generosity was so overwhelming that we wanted to say an immediate thank-you to everyone who bought things off the list, and also to everyone who gave or sent us something directly. We will be remembering each of you every time we use them so you’re all a much bigger part of our daily lives. Continue reading