Approaching Silence

With the fans on my PC forever silenced in the wake of my successful water cooling experiment, the sound made by my hard disk is surprisingly grating – like a geiger counter going off as each radioactive file is read or written.


I’m a little excited and apprehensive because my boss (who is me, incidentally) today decided to roll out a new silent-computer initiative throughout our corporate offices (i.e. my little back room). To whit, I have today ordered a water-cooing kit for the Dual Xeon 2.8GHz machine on which I perform my daily feats of technical […]

15 New Referral Spam Domains

Over the last few days the referral spam tide has ebbed and flowed: for about a week, everything that came in was pointing to, then today, there was a definite change in tactic as 15 new poker related domains (see the existing story on referral spammers for the updated table of details) were added […]

Google Desktop (what no Linux?)

Today Google Desktop leaves it’s beta status behind and stands as a fully fledged application. Having used the beta version for several months I’ve found it unquestionably useful. Searching for something on my machine used to be a chore; Google Desktop makes it a breeze.