Formula1 ITV: That Advert Break

I was introduced to F1 by my grandfather, when James Hunt was fighting to be the world #1 back in the 70′s. We always watched on the TV. In those days that meant the BBC with Murray Walker’s insanely eager commentary and every episode introduced by the ominous bass of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”. We watched the British drivers come and go; Brundle, Blundell, Coultard, Herbert, Hill and Nigel Mansell in his Red 5 Williams. We watched Senna and Prost collide as team mates; Senna and Mansell go wheel to wheel; the track invasion after Mansell’s home win in 92, and the shock of Senna’s death in ’94. My grandfather incidentally was such an F1 nut that he had a scale model of the McLaren on his television, so as a four year old, Formula1 was something that was just a part of life: and a very exciting part of life too. Continue reading

Comment Spam, RIP soon?

A couple of years ago, a web page with an open comment form would have been used for commenting intelligently and considerately on the subject at hand or sending a message to the page author. Then, with the advent of Google’s page rank system, comment forms became the subject of massive misuse, because pagerank gave a higher rank to web pages based on the number of times they appeared on other sites. Spammers would use automated tools to mercilessly link and relink their sites on any and every open form. Having a high pagerank means coming first in search results, which for a commercial site equates to more sales: so comment spamming had rich rewards. Continue reading