Big Brother: Small Mind

Britain is once again graced by three months of watching self obsessed people making themselves look stupid merely by their very existence, with little hope of achieving anything other than profit for the production and broadcast companies involved. Why is Big Brother such a terribly wasted opportunity?

Google Earth: And so it begins…

When Google bought Keyhole a few months back, several of us were moved to a sharp intake of breath. The potential of combining Google’s search capabilities with a three dimensional model of Earth was just so interesting that only luddites, and my dad (The Grand Luddite), could fail to be impressed.

CCGrid 05 (Cardiff) Pictures

We’re all back from CCgrid 2005 in Cardiff and (I think) fully caught-up with sleep. We had a fairly strong group presence this year (as opposed to just me last year) which meant it was a far more sociable occasion. This also meant we were able to share camera duty (by borrowing Mat’s phone). Mat’s […]