Lightning Struck

During the storms of Friday AM, Portsmouth got off very lightly. The only damage I’m aware of is in my house. My network failed at precisely the moment that we had an overhead flash and bang. So now, having those nice fitted carpets, and the fitted and recessed cable, is a real pain. Wireless would be good right now. I’ll be taking the opportunity to upgrade from Cat-5e cable to Cat-6, which will make it all seem worthwhile.

Tell me a joke….

Tell me a joke. No really; please, tell me a joke. A good one. I feel the need to hear a pants-wettingly-funny story. It can be your favourite, or one you overheard on the bus. Anything that genuinely approaches bladder-failure material will receive the honour of making it through moderation and will appear for public enjoyment.

Popular Science and Cosmic Simulations

Science is not the private playground of people in white coats with clipboards. Popular Science is a good thing. The problem, however, with popular science is that it can introduce all kinds of misconceptions. Take, for example, this story, in which the BBC quotes Professor Frenk FRS as follows:

We are now able, using the biggest, fastest supercomputers in the world, to recreate the whole of cosmic history.

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