Review: Dawn Simulator

The basic idea behind the Lumie Bodyclock is that it combines a timer, a dimmer switch and a Neodymium light-bulb; it can thus simulate a summer sunrise on the coldest darkest winter mornings, thereby giving a more gentle and holistic wakeup than that which is afforded by a shrieking buzzer in the dark. We’ve had one for about 12 months so we thought we’d give it the once over. Continue reading Review: Dawn Simulator

Lynn Breeze: My First Website

I’m delighted to welcome my Auntie Lynn to the WWW today. For a very long time now I’ve been suggesting that Lynn and the World Wide Web would be a very good match. Lynn is (primarily) an illustrator and author of childrens’ books, though she has done all kinds of other stuff including greetings cards and even Jackanory (something that I thought was very cool when I was a kid). Lynn’s new website, which has been mostly set up by my cousin Jo, is hopefully the start of a long and worthwhile venture. Continue reading Lynn Breeze: My First Website