Google Portsmouth

Google has recently added some new aeriel images to the Google Earth Database, and one of the places that has received significantly better coverage is Portsmouth, UK.

Portsmouth College provide some fantastic (historical and current) aeriel pictures of Portsmouth on their website, so I thought I’d try comparing them to see just how good the rendering in Google Earth really is. Continue reading Google Portsmouth

Chips, PINs and Security Cameras

My local convenience store is typical of any corner store; there’s perhaps 100 square meters of shop space, with security cameras at the end of each aisle and (as featured on every smash-and-grab TV show) extra cameras focused on the checkout. The cameras curtail shoplifting, and the new Chip and PIN payment system reduces fraud. The shopkeepers are happy because their livelyhood is better protected, however, as I was buying milk this morning, I realised that these two security measures may have an unwanted overlap that could leave the customer less protected. Continue reading Chips, PINs and Security Cameras