Credit Card Phone Security

Last week I received a replacement credit card. Attached to the card was a sticker, telling me that I had to call the company so that they could register it’s safe arrival and enable it for my use. I called them immediately and we went through the usual security shenanigens (inside leg measurement, favourite adverb, […]

Goodbye Royal Mail

Break out your hankerchiefs, put on your best woollen knitwear and prepare to sob like a baby. We are about to witness the demise of a British institution. On Jan 1st 2006 the UK postal market will be opened up to European competition. If that competition has any kind of a clue regarding customer service, […] Blog Hosting Opens

After a long period of growth by invitation only has today thrown open the doors for public consumption. (naturally) runs on the popular WordPress personal publishing system (that this website uses), so I can heartily recommend it. Get your free, hosted WordPress ‘blog today.

Google Market Sense

I’m going to stick my neck out and make a prediction. I was thinking around the subject of Google Analytics just now, considering the increased information that Google now have. It’s a short leap of faith to guess that Google will use the data that Google Analytics provides in order to improve or reinforce their […]