Goodbye Royal Mail

Break out your hankerchiefs, put on your best woollen knitwear and prepare to sob like a baby. We are about to witness the demise of a British institution.

On Jan 1st 2006 the UK postal market will be opened up to European competition. If that competition has any kind of a clue regarding customer service, then the Royal Mail will be justifiably stuffed.

So belay the handkerchief retrieval and alert the vineyards of the Champagne region instead. Continue reading Goodbye Royal Mail

Google Market Sense

I’m going to stick my neck out and make a prediction. I was thinking around the subject of Google Analytics just now, considering the increased information that Google now have. It’s a short leap of faith to guess that Google will use the data that Google Analytics provides in order to improve or reinforce their PageRank algorithm, and I’m sure most people have twigged that by now. To suggest that would be to make the mistake of thinking Google is still a search company. Continue reading Google Market Sense