This isn't Kansas anymore Toto

I cannot let the landmark events in Kansas go by without a mention. The Kansas Board of Education have introduced Intelligent Design into the curriculum.

The fact that supporters of intelligent design are casting doubt on evolutionary theory is fine, it’s an important part of scientific method that our theoretical models are challenged; however, I must register my strong disapproval that the board has deemed it necessary to redefine “Science” in order to shoehorn justify their decision.

the board rewrote the definition of science, so that it is no longer limited to the search for natural explanations of phenomena.

Does anyone know where the new definition lives? I ask because it must be the same place that stores the new definitions for “bungling, botch, floundering, idiot, ignoramus, incompetent, inadequate, incapable, inept, negligent, unqualified, unobservant” and the phrase “Board of Education”.

The issue was discussed on BBC Radio 4 yesterday [requires Real Player].

Emeritus Professor Derek Denton (Biology, Univ. of Melbourne) presents a wonderful biological counter argument to the theory of intelligent design, suggesting that if it’s designed, then it wasn’t particularly intelligent.

Perhaps the Flying Spaghetti Monster will be pleased that His design is being critiqued in order that He may create a patch for Humanity 2.0 when He arrives on Earth.

2 thoughts on “This isn't Kansas anymore Toto

  1. Looks like the voters in Dover liked this whole thing even less, they decided not to re-elect any of the 8 board members who were up for election. Now that’s real intelligent design.. :-)

    Unfortunately now Kansas has gone and decreed that ID must be taught in science lessons..


  2. Kansas standards again pro-evolution; future shifts possible

    The state is back in Charles Darwin’s camp when it comes to teaching his theory of evolution in public schools, but educators aren’t sure how long Kansas will stay there. The State Board of Education approved new, evolution-friendly science standards on a 6-4 vote Tuesday, replacing ones that questioned the theory and had the support of “intelligent design” advocates. – JOHN HANNA – Associated Press

    As Mr. Hanna describes in the article, this boils down to a political tit-for-tat battle between Christian bible-belt God-fearing republicans and more open-minded democrats, who may or may not be religious, and don’t appear to let that affect their governance.

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