Why do I work better at night?

I find I work better at night: not just a bit better; a lot better. My code output seems to skyrocket between the hours of 23:00 and 04:00. Can anybody tell me, why? There must be a reason.

Perhaps it’s the elapsed time since I’ve eaten. Perhaps it’s the lower temperature. Perhaps my brain waves shift slightly and are more attuned to focusing on spaghetti-like strands of code. Whatever the reason is, I want to know it.

If I could be as creative and productive throughout my whole 16 hour working day then I wouldn’t have to keep going for 16 hours, and I wouldn’t have such a topsy-turvy bodyclock.

Suggestions (and offers from researchers who’d like to put electrodes on my head to measure the brain patterns) are most welcome!

12 thoughts on “Why do I work better at night?

  1. All I know is that several years ago, I worked all night to give birth to you. I was driven to Morriston Hospital at 11pm by Dandy and YOU put in an appearance at roughly 5am the next day…. sort of fits the time-scale, I think!

    BTW when I dozily looked at my wrist-band on the way back to the ward and said ‘Oh look, its a palindrome!’ The nurse said…’Now don’t you worry!… It’s nothing like that. It’s a perfectly normal (sic) baby boy!…..’ ??????

  2. You work better at night because most people are sleeping and consequently not polluting the mental environment. You experience this as peacefulness which allows you to concentrate. The only problem is that you might already be tired …

    Around 6 a.m. people start waking up, they are nervous, late for work, worried about their finances, angry at their spouses etc. You can actually feel this unrest as it builds up in the morning.

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