F1 2006: Hope for a good season

It’s that time of year again. The annual six-nations rugby championship is well underway, but almost as soon as it begins, it’s over. With just five weekends of rugby, something else has to fill the year’s weekends with a reason to cling precariously to the sofa’s edge. One of those somethings is, or used to […]

In Your Pocket Guides

A couple of summers ago, Rich and I ventured to Poland for a holiday. Guide book in hand we had a marvellous time in Warsaw and although a clunky paperback is a lot to carry when out for the day, when in Poland it was essential if only for the handy phrases in the back!

Turbo Vermicompost

For over five years now we’ve been actively composting almost 100% of our bio-degradable waste in a small bin that lives in the garden. When I say “we’ve been composting” I really mean it – it’s been a team effort between me, Em, and about ten thousand worms.

Understanding Google's Bigdaddy Rollout

Several news and technical commentary sites have been pronouncing the arrival of Google’s Bigdaddy datacentre over the last few weeks, and looking at the stats for this site over the last few days I might be seeing it’s effect – hits from Google are up. After a little digging, I reckon the rollout is 50% […]