Tesco Cards on Ebay

Last year, I created a parody “Tesco Value Special Occasion Card“; stuck it up on the web and thought nothing more about it; making it freely available in several formats so that people without black belt computer skills could download it, alter it a bit if necessary and then print it out.

Schrödinger's Preening Booth

Schrödinger’s cat, bless it’s little white paws, had a pretty tough time of it; what with being locked in an imaginary box, and having to share that space with only a decaying radioactive isotope. At the end of the experiment, when the box is opened and the cat is observed, it’s probability wave collapses into […]

Google Big Daddy Update

The rise in referral traffic from Google seems to have stabilized, so I’ve re-run the analysis from last week and updated the big daddy status list to reflect the current status of the various datacentres; two of which appear to have switched over to BigDaddy during the last week. Curiously (or not, depending on how […]