Schrödinger's Preening Booth

Schrödinger’s cat, bless it’s little white paws, had a pretty tough time of it; what with being locked in an imaginary box, and having to share that space with only a decaying radioactive isotope. At the end of the experiment, when the box is opened and the cat is observed, it’s probability wave collapses into either a live cat or a dead cat. It’s not exactly an easy life (or death). Continue reading Schrödinger's Preening Booth

Google Big Daddy Update

The rise in referral traffic from Google seems to have stabilized, so I’ve re-run the analysis from last week and updated the big daddy status list to reflect the current status of the various datacentres; two of which appear to have switched over to BigDaddy during the last week. Curiously (or not, depending on how conspiratorial you want to be) the logs show not one single referral from any of the machines in the IP range of each datacentre, yet.