WebCast – TimBL in Ox – Future of the Web

Two weeks ago TimBL gave a public lecture, organized by the Oxford Internet Institute. We were fortunate enough to get on the list so we went along.

Apart from a few technical excursions into geekspeak, what unfolds over the hour is a remarkably accessible, sensible and enjoyable presentation that most geeks mothers will understand.

Tim Berners-Lee presents The Future of The Web in Oxford

It’s like watching Eddie Izzard with added protocols, and it’s apparent that Sir Tim is entertained by (and comfortable with) the way that social factors like group misbehaviour, spammers and sociopaths have all affected (and will continue to affect) the growth of the web.

Those who think of the web as some grand design may also need to remove their tinfoil hats: witness the wonderment that’s apparent when wikipedia is discussed:

It happens that; plus or minus a few vandals and the war against them; that it works! And who’d have known?

I could spend hours summarising the entire thing, so much is covered… but you’ll get more by just watching it.

Get it here: Webcast of TimBL in Oxford.

Note: The content is currently published using MPEG-4, so linux users may have difficulty watching it (because of copyright issues). I’m sure if enough people ask nicely Oxford University will provide an alternative format.

Update: Tom King’s kindly extracted the MP3 stream and it’s now available separately, so it can be enjoyed as a podcast! Thanks Tom!

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