Summer Noise Pollution

The problem with summer is not the heat. It’s the music. Patio doors are thrown open and people migrate their lives to the garden. Naturally most people in the UK don’t have garden-based speakers that might deliver music to where it’s wanted at an appropriate volume, so folk just turn their indoor stereo up.

Paranoia and Backups

This was a hard-work weekend. On Thursday, it seemed like I had lots of code starting to work. It appeared that the imaginary brackets that surround each work package and sub package were closing themselves off, so that the virtual equation that describes my work might seem a little smaller and more tractable. That’s when […]

F1 USA 2006

It’s Sunday and Em’s spent the weekend playing volleyball in the sun. I’ve been inside working on code. I’ve paused to watch the Grand Prix, hoping it’ll be a good one, but after 52 laps (with 21 to go) I have to say this is dull. It’s like watching an episode of The Simpsons or […]