Richards Fifth Birthday Party

This film has almost certainly never been seen by most of the cast. It was taken during my fifth birthday party in late 1977 (a fact that I’ve deduced from comparing the guests and their clothes with higher quality photos that I have; photos that also contain a birthday cake with five countable candles).

In order of appearance, the partygoers (comprised as they are from Hendrefoilan School classmates and other friends) include: Kathryn Gray, Andrea Anderson (I think), Rachel Jones, Ceri Chaplin, James Morris, Tom O’Kane, Darren Chetty, Alex Fergusom, Michael Fuller, James Breeze, Ros Breeze.

To put it all in context, it was only a few months after this video was shot that I saw Star Wars in the cinema, the first time it was released.

One thought on “Richards Fifth Birthday Party

  1. That’s just wonderful, and so remarkably evocative of its time. There’s something about the colour of absolutely everything – I have a photograph from my own fourth or fifth party, and just the exposure and the way it’s been developed make me gooey with unapologetic nostalgia. I can almost reach in and grab some of those party snacks.

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