Jedi/Sith unite over adoption row

The Empire has backed the Jedi Council in its bid to be exempt from laws on adoption by families of fewer than three genders.

Jedi leaders from Coruscant to Endor say its teachings prevent its masters placing children with lifeform collectives that only comprise one or two genders and have threatened to close their adoption centres if bound by the Imperial Senate’s rules. Continue reading Jedi/Sith unite over adoption row

Dyson Coin Trap

Since we’ve been upgraded to the new-style of coin trap on our Dyson CR-01 washing machine we’ve noticed that it clogs more than the previous design. This is good (ish): it’s supposed to clog, that’s the idea, by clogging at a point that is accessible it reduces the likelihood that larger particles of gunk and hair can get through and compromise the pump or the exit tubes, but regardless of this, it’s still a bit of a pain when it happens. You walk past the machine expecting your washing to be ready but instead there’s a message saying “Not emptying: Check coin trap …” Continue reading Dyson Coin Trap