Media Player Guitar Tab Plugin

This is one of those “maybe it exists but I can’t find it” ideas. Something that I’d find very useful would be media player plugin that could use the ID tag from mp3’s (etc) to nip off to the WWW and find the relevant guitar tab so playing along is thus a very easy process. The idea could be taken further for different instruments, of couse, but it’s generally something similar to the usual “buy this album” button which is purely commercial. So, what’s out there, anyone know? If it doesn’t exist someone please write it!

Viva Voce

In Britain, the process of finishing a PhD involves the submission of a written thesis, followed by an oral examination called a viva voce (the literal Latin translation is “live voice”). The “viva”, as it’s commonly known, is an in-depth discussion into all aspects of the thesis which typically lasts between 90 and 180 minutes. It is conducted by a specially convened examination board, with both internal and external examiners, who typically have have four weeks to digest the thesis beforehand. In the viva, the PhD candidate must defend their thesis: if the defence is successful, the candidate is awarded the degree Continue reading Viva Voce