Towards the Perfect Gadget

Imagine a scene in the not-too distant future… after a frenzied period of leaks, rumours, claims and counter-claims, interspersed with no-comments, denials, and increasingly reliable and suggestive evidence emerging from component and sub-assembly manufacturers, Apple Inc announce the imminent release of The Perfect Gadget. The mainstream press attend press conferences and briefings where Apple proclaim […]

Thanks Humph

In the UK, the BBC has a radio channel that is predisposed to airing important current affairs featuring argumentative interviews with politicians insistent on not answering any questions and instead peddling their own distorted interpretation of reality – it’s called “Radio 4”.

Greasing the Beeb

The new BBC News website is a bit too tall. The Beeb have introduced an additional banner at the top of the page which is of very little use (other than cementing the BBC Brand across its sites) so I wrote a little greasemonkey script to remove both the banner and a few other bits […]