The £86888 Auction

As the largest food retailer in Britain, what Tesco does has a massive impact on the rest of the British food industry, however, Tesco are not a charity and their primary purpose is to make maximum profit (supposedly within ethical guidelines).  The profit-vs-ethics problem is therefore one of ensuring that the right ethical guidelines are followed and where animal welfare is concerned (suggests Hugh) Tesco should be independently audited, specifically “to ensure that chickens purchased for sale by the Company are guaranteed always to have been kept in conditions that meet the Five Freedoms.”

Tesco however, are being a bit awkward in their latest mission to cloak the facts about the welfare of animals that end up on their shelves and will only take Hugh’s resolution to their AGM if the cost of distributing the relevant papers to their shareholders is met.  They could waive this fee (after all, every little helps) but they have so far refused to do so.

The cost of the distribution is (apparently) £86,888, which sounds a lot, but for a company that made profits of £2.55billion last year, it’s not going to break the bank.  However, shareholders are shareholders and the profits belong to them, so the directors cannot be blamed for not wanting to stump up the cash… can they?

So how to raise £86888 in two days?  Ask nicely, auction your services, and hope.

Bid now, or donate, no matter how small, remember, every little helps.

Update: Wow! Target reached! Next stop the Tesco AGM!

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