WordCamp UK 2009 Tickets

Last year’s WordCamp UK was a huge success. Around sixty people turned up to the Birmingham gig with backgrounds as diverse as one might hope for and expect, given that WordPress is used by all kinds of people for all sorts of things: bloggers, developers, hackers, journalists, authors, academics, idealists and dreamers were all there, and most stood up and talked for a few minutes on what they’re doing with WordPress, or how they’re making WordPress better, or how they’d like to do stuff if only they could find the help (and lo, the help was forthcoming, and it was good). Following on from that success, it made sense to make WordCampUK an annual affair, so WordCampUK 2009 was born.

The money and confidence left over from last year has allowed a bigger venue too, which means the potential for an even more diverse collection of presenters and attendees increases, so, if you’re a WordPress user, a blogger who’d like to do more than just write articles, a potential user, a PHP hacker looking for an outlet, or if you just like hanging out in un-conferences with interesting people, head for Cardiff in July (18th & 19th).

The evening entertainment, laid on by Jon Bounds was one of the funniest pub quizzes we’ve witnessed too:
Jon Bounds Pub Quiz, WordCampUK 2008

The above pic (taken by Benjamin, with me being artistically blurry bottom left) and loads of others from the weekend can be found on flickr. So far, Jeff, Dave, xxx,

Find out more about WordCamp 2009 at: http://wordcamp.org.uk/en/
Tickets can be purchased from Eventbrite: http://wordcampuk2009.eventbrite.com/

Tickets are being snapped up already by the likes of Matt, Mike, Holly, Westi, Peter, Rob, Simon, Martyn, Tony, Vixx, Simon, & others and whilst the venue is bigger, spaces are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment!

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