O2 iPhone Lock-in

After a year with the iPhone 3G, I upgraded to the 3GS. The upgrade cost me money and as a result, the original iPhone now belongs to me. Consequently I now “own” 2 iPhones – the original one which is mine outright and the 3GS which is in contract for another 12 months, when it too will become mine. That’s 2 iPhones, but just one SIM. It would be useful therefore to be able to use my old Orange pay-as-you-go SIM in my old iPhone 3G, as a backup phone, but I can’t do this because the phone is locked to O2 only.

So, how do I unlock it? Either I use some kind of jailbreak software, or, perhaps there’s an official O2 unlocking service for phones that are out of contract. Continue reading O2 iPhone Lock-in