Liquid Alchemy

I woke this morning feeling still a little under the weather after a few days of the common cold, so before making a pot of tea, I went for a Lemsip. In a pique of consumerism at the shop the other day I also bought a tube of orange flavour Berocca. I’m not usually one for buying supplements, or much at all, from the pharmacy aisles so this was a venture off piste.

Doing the sums, I noted I’d have to drink the whole Lemsip, and then a glass of (very nice by the way) Berrocca juice, before I could get to a cuppa. Not good; but it was seeing the ingredients together that prompted me to try dropping the Berrocca tab into the prepared Lemsip. Ladies and gentlemen, the result was a cup of warm gold. It’s bizarre to look forward to a cold, but henceforth, I shall.

After last month’s (previously undocumented) discovery that Marmite and Portsdown Honey go particularly well together (and who’d have known there’s a whole cookbook for Marmite lovers), I’m looking forward to my next surprising combination. Heston Blumenthal probably need not worry just yet.

The People's Manifesto

I’m delighted to see Mark Thomas new book “The People’s Manifesto” is now available from the publisher as a traditional paperback and an ebook. It’s as razor sharp as any of his previous books & TV shows, and stunningly diverse because each policy was suggested and voted on by the general public in shows all over the country last year. I was at the Newbury gig. It was very funny. Definitely a present to consider for all thinking carbon based life forms in your vicinity.


Having tried several solutions for publishing delicious bookmarks on WordPress I came to the conclusion that nothing did what I wanted. What I wanted was each link on the front page, interspersed with any articles I write, so that the time-line of links and articles becomes apparent and the main page is a more dynamic thing that is more useful for me (this is, after all, a long-running set of technical experiments and what-ifs rather than a vanity site). So my experimental sync plug-in is now operational and links can be seen (requires a stylesheet reload), currently, as green items, whereas articles show up blue. Simple, huh? Continue reading Delicious-to-WordPress