Valentine’s Day: True Love

The hopeful lonely, fire overpriced soft-toys at their unsuspecting targets. The self-centred married, overspend on guilt-fuelled-tat; as if to repair the damage done during a year of falling short of the mark. Lap it up consumers, and remember: nobody will believe it’s true love if it’s not expensive.

Open Science Coding

Portsmouth ICG alumnus David Parkinson recently wrote: One of these days I’m going to show my python code to someone who actually programs in python for a living. They’re going to laugh. Laugh and laugh and laugh… and laugh. And then cry. David’s not the first scientist I know who’s said this, for example, I […]

Where is the best place to put a fire extinguisher?

Everything is everyone’s collective responsibility.  If you see something that seems a bit wonky, it makes sense to ask questions.  Peace of mind should be the result, but what if you’re not sure, or what if you ask questions and the answers are unconvincing?  So, dear lazyweb, I ask you, where is the best place […]


Reflecting the changed landscape of hosting, and the reduced time I have to maintain this site, I’ve switched over to for hosting this site – saving a few hundred quid per year; which is nice.

Fun times with the ever awesome SREs on reddit answering your questions:

Andy Walker originally shared this post: Fun times with the ever awesome SREs on reddit answering your questions: We are the Google Site Reliability team. We make Google’s websites work. Ask us Anything! : IAmA Hello, reddit! We are the Google Site Reliability (SRE) team. We’re responsible for the 24×7 operation of, as […]

Technology is gloriously disruptive.

Technology is gloriously disruptive.Processes change slowly.In the middle, geeks watch, amused. For example, today I got an MS Word document (and I don't have word on any of my 3 machines).  The document was emailed to 20 researchers, saying "here is your new website" please send any modifications by return. I suppose it's progress… they […]