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Articles about bbPress, and also about developing and using plugins for bbPress. bbPress is what powers the forum section of boakes.org

WordCamp UK Breaks Even

The very good news on the grapevine is that the first WordCamp UK has, already broken even (through sponsorship and ticket sales) with a full 10 days of ticket sales still to go. This is particularly good news since it pretty much guarantees the success of this years event, and future events. If you’ve been thinking about popping along to say hello, now’s a very good time to get your ticket!

Google Analytics Plugin for BBPress

The plugin system on BBPress is still rather rudimentary (you create a folder called “my-plugins”) and any php that exists therein is considered to be an activated plugin. The good news here is, that (a) it works and (b) it’s so similar to the WordPress that many plugins will magically work without modification. My Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress is (almost) one such example. Continue reading Google Analytics Plugin for BBPress

BBPress Released

BBPress has been released today (try it). For quite some time now I’ve been quietly using BBPress for managing thoughts and discussions on another website. This has been possible for two reasons: firstly, the pre-release version of BBPress has been quite stable and secondly, I’ve been using it in a password protected area so it’s not been open to public use and abuse. Continue reading BBPress Released