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Books that we like. The ones that spend as much time off the shelf and open as they do on it. Technical books, theoretical books, recipe books, whatever happens to be worth a mention.

The People's Manifesto

I’m delighted to see Mark Thomas new book “The People’s Manifesto” is now available from the publisher as a traditional paperback and an ebook. It’s as razor sharp as any of his previous books & TV shows, and stunningly diverse because each policy was suggested and voted on by the general public in shows all over the country last year. I was at the Newbury gig. It was very funny. Definitely a present to consider for all thinking carbon based life forms in your vicinity.

gamma and beck's book

Contributing to Eclipse: Principles, Patterns, and PluginsThis book very very good. Read it before you start writing anything in Eclipse. If the last five months of hacking have taught me 30% of what I need to know to really understand the internals of Eclipse as it stands today, then this book just confirmed that 30% and had added another 20% by the end of the “first circle”.

Really; read it before you start to code anything in Eclipse.