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Is the IE6 Petition News?

BBC News has a front page story about a petition to the government to phase out the use of IE6. Historically, ceasing to use IE has always been a good idea in my book, and IE6 is now very outdated (it’ll be nine years old in August). What caught my eye, however, was the following line in the article, removed from later editions:

“The petition, set up by Dan Frydman of web firm Inigo, currently has just 44 signatures.”

Since when is a petition with 44 signatures worthy of front page BBC News? Does someone in their web team have an undisclosed anti-IE6 agenda, or has the Beeb started doing marketing work on the side?

Since the BBC story was posted, the petition has gained approximately 1300 signatures.

Update: 11 hours later and the petition has 4400 signatures.