Towards the Perfect Gadget

Imagine a scene in the not-too distant future… after a frenzied period of leaks, rumours, claims and counter-claims, interspersed with no-comments, denials, and increasingly reliable and suggestive evidence emerging from component and sub-assembly manufacturers, Apple Inc announce the imminent release of The Perfect Gadget. The mainstream press attend press conferences and briefings where Apple proclaim […]


I fondly remember a time when I was somewhat shorter than I am today, when a summer afternoon seemed like a lifetime and a five minute cartoon was the pinnacle of non-confectionary based treats. During this time, Bod was one of my favourite cartoons.

Tesco Cards on Ebay

Last year, I created a parody “Tesco Value Special Occasion Card“; stuck it up on the web and thought nothing more about it; making it freely available in several formats so that people without black belt computer skills could download it, alter it a bit if necessary and then print it out.