Paranoia and Backups

This was a hard-work weekend. On Thursday, it seemed like I had lots of code starting to work. It appeared that the imaginary brackets that surround each work package and sub package were closing themselves off, so that the virtual equation that describes my work might seem a little smaller and more tractable. That’s when […]

Eclipse 3.0.1

Eclipse 3.0.1 has been released and includes 286 bug fixes. This is generally good news for the stability of the platform. Looking at the list of fixed bugs, 76 were of major, critical or blocker status, and only 5 were enhancements. This reflects the intended purpose ironing out any v3 teething troubles.

properties linked

Some good news. I now have an RDFX View linked to the properties view so that both Resources and Literals are showing up. Still to do however: 1. Stop showing the triple, just show the RDF object value 2. Display resources and Literals in different twisties within the Properties View (and add user preference) 3. […]