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If we like something, and reckon it’s worth a word or two of unplatitudinous gush; this category shall be the spot for such outbursts.

The Velvet Hearts – A Gourmet Feast

When, by chance, we saw The Velvet Hearts at The Edge a couple of months ago, we were left with the overriding impression that this was a band who had taken a step beyond the norm and were producing something really rather special. We saw them a second time at the sunny Portsmouth Bandstand, and were again impressed, not just by how well the sound translated from the tiny Edge venue, but also by the way the band handled (and revelled in) a stage invasion by a dozen primary school kids, without missing a beat – in terms of stage rapport, think of Barenaked ladies and you’re getting the picture, they enjoy what they do, and it’s infectious. Continue reading The Velvet Hearts – A Gourmet Feast

BBPress Released

BBPress has been released today (try it). For quite some time now I’ve been quietly using BBPress for managing thoughts and discussions on another website. This has been possible for two reasons: firstly, the pre-release version of BBPress has been quite stable and secondly, I’ve been using it in a password protected area so it’s not been open to public use and abuse. Continue reading BBPress Released

Review: Dawn Simulator

The basic idea behind the Lumie Bodyclock is that it combines a timer, a dimmer switch and a Neodymium light-bulb; it can thus simulate a summer sunrise on the coldest darkest winter mornings, thereby giving a more gentle and holistic wakeup than that which is afforded by a shrieking buzzer in the dark. We’ve had one for about 12 months so we thought we’d give it the once over. Continue reading Review: Dawn Simulator