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Schumacher's F1 Career Remembered

If you subscribe to the maxim that “it matters not who won or lost, but how you played the game” then you may be one of the people who describe the unequaled F1 career of Michael Schumacher with an appreciation that is always suffixed with a balance-redressing “yes but…”.

As Dr. Frasier Crane so delicately put it: “What is the one thing better than an exquisite meal? An exquisite meal with one tiny flaw we can pick at all night.” So here, to help fuel the night’s discussion, are a few recollections of Schumacher’s brilliant, if controversial career.
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F1 USA 2006

It’s Sunday and Em’s spent the weekend playing volleyball in the sun. I’ve been inside working on code. I’ve paused to watch the Grand Prix, hoping it’ll be a good one, but after 52 laps (with 21 to go) I have to say this is dull. It’s like watching an episode of The Simpsons or Friends, because every shot I’m thinking “hey, haven’t I seen this one before?”. Continue reading F1 USA 2006

F1 2006: Hope for a good season

It’s that time of year again. The annual six-nations rugby championship is well underway, but almost as soon as it begins, it’s over. With just five weekends of rugby, something else has to fill the year’s weekends with a reason to cling precariously to the sofa’s edge. One of those somethings is, or used to be, Formula 1. What hope is there for the 2006 season? Continue reading F1 2006: Hope for a good season

Drivers-v-Constructors: The Imbalance of F1

The battle for the 2005 F1 Drivers Championship looks like it’s a two horse race, but so far, one of the horses is getting all the luck. The table presented here compares the relative preformance of 2005’s two top drivers, as well as a providing an alternative (speculative) championship score that takes account of car failure. The table shows that the current second place driver, Kimi Raikkonen, could easily have found himself in the top spot had his car been more reliable. It also highlights that the two championships (one for drivers and one for constructors) have a scoring system that penalises drivers for their team’s poor reliability, but is more forgiving of the teams. Continue reading Drivers-v-Constructors: The Imbalance of F1