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Guide to Gran Canaria

If you’re considering a move to a new country, learning from the experiences of those who’ve done it already can do wonders for cutting through red tape and easing the transition from newbie to seasoned knowledgeable resident. My cousins Ros and Rich moved to Gran Canaria several years back, and they’ve just launched a website (Gran Canaria Guru.) that details almost everything you’ll ever want to know if you’re thinking of doing the same. Although the site is still in its infancy, the first thing I looked at was the guide to Surf Spots, and it’s already comprehensive!

Check out: GranCanariaGuru.com

Killay House

The recent demolition of Killay House left a lot of memories without an anchor. It was a familiar shape to the thousands of people who travel on Gower Road daily, and it had been so for over 120 years. Growing up in Heol Glasnant (where the houses are tall), and going to school in Hendrefoilan (futher up the hill) meant that the old building was always in our line of sight when we looked across the bay to the view’s focal point, Mumbles Head. I understand that before NCH sold the site there was talk of getting the building protected: why this didn’t happen is not something I know. Continue reading Killay House