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O2 iPhone Lock-in

After a year with the iPhone 3G, I upgraded to the 3GS. The upgrade cost me money and as a result, the original iPhone now belongs to me. Consequently I now “own” 2 iPhones – the original one which is mine outright and the 3GS which is in contract for another 12 months, when it too will become mine. That’s 2 iPhones, but just one SIM. It would be useful therefore to be able to use my old Orange pay-as-you-go SIM in my old iPhone 3G, as a backup phone, but I can’t do this because the phone is locked to O2 only.

So, how do I unlock it? Either I use some kind of jailbreak software, or, perhaps there’s an official O2 unlocking service for phones that are out of contract. Continue reading O2 iPhone Lock-in

Towards the Perfect Gadget

Imagine a scene in the not-too distant future… after a frenzied period of leaks, rumours, claims and counter-claims, interspersed with no-comments, denials, and increasingly reliable and suggestive evidence emerging from component and sub-assembly manufacturers, Apple Inc announce the imminent release of The Perfect Gadget.

The mainstream press attend press conferences and briefings where Apple proclaim that their Perfect Gadget does everything up to, and maybe even including, ordering sliced bread from the online grocer at the precise thickness that it knows you will prefer (a fact derived from a semantic analyses of how you use said gadget).

Socially driven news sites will go utterly berserk.

So how long must we wait until Apple actually makes this announcement? Perhaps we’re only five or ten years away from The Perfect Gadget 1.0. Continue reading Towards the Perfect Gadget

Goodbye Keyboard

If you asked a child in the 1960s and 70s to draw a computer, they’d most likely have scribbled out a large box with blink-able lights and tape reels on the front of it. A child of the 80s would most likely have drawn something that looked like a PC, with a CRT, keyboard and mouse. More recently, the PC has shrunk into what we today recognize as a laptop. I hardly noticed that it’s over ten years since I owned a mouse with a ball, I remember my first mouse because all my computers up to that point didn’t have one; the closest thing to a pointing device was the four arrow keys. Conversely our children may remember their last mouse, because as touch technology improves the need for an independent pointing device will drift away, and inputs are more likely to be accepted from multiple sources. It’s also several years since I waved goodbye to my last CRT, and around that time I also removed the redundant floppy drive from my machine. Technologies advance constantly, and over the last 30 years or so the form of desktop and laptop machines has been changing slowly and almost imperceptibly. Now, it looks as though the days of the mechanical keyboard are numbered and when that happens, the form factor of the computer as we know it will be changed for ever. Continue reading Goodbye Keyboard