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iPhone Power Converter

I’ve been using a Scosche Power Converter in the car for just over a month now. It converts the power output provided by from an older “auxiliary input” that connects an iPod to the stereo, into a power source that’s compatible with the iPhone 3G. Apple, in their wisdom, decided the old mechanism was too expensive, and they’ve focused on a single way of doing things moving forward – this is sensible given the Chinese requirement for USB charging in all phones. It works brilliantly and the phone now charges when I’m on the move.

The only fly in its ointment is that the iPhone insists on telling me that it’s being connected to an older and less compatible device every time it’s plugged in. Perhaps this’ll can be included as a “don’t tell me again” option in iPhone OS 3.0 or 3.1 – fingers crossed.

In the mean time I’ve become an ardent podcast subscriber – they’re so much better than most of the news (which is generally bad) and the popular music radio stations, which invariably manage up to 15 minutes of interesting broadcast before descending into the less popular part of their playlist. Podcasts 1, traditional Radio nil.

Apple iPod: One Giant Leap for Advertising

I think this may be an exclusive! It’s Apple’s 30th birthday next month; and they’re planning something big to mark the occasion.

Today I learned from a trusted source that Apple is poised to make history next Saturday when it unveils the worlds first advertisement that can be seen from space.

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