who provides the icons?

the question of who (or what) should proivide the iconic representation for nodes is playing on my mind. I’m thinking there needs to be a local cache – which can be initially populated with some defaults – but that it should be a dynamic thing basd on resource type, and using an RDF lookup .

rdf namespace oddness workaround

One of the thgings I’ve added today is a little code to guess where the schema may be – in order to validate or interpret conent the schema needs to be accessible, so the code now checks for index.rdf and schema.rdf files if the supplied namespace is one that does not end in a “#” […]

core additions

An addition to the core today is the ability to load RDF from a URI as well as a file – to demonstrate this I now have a news feed from theregister.co.uk being pulled in to the system when it’s started.

sorts & menu

today i’ve added sorting to the list of things the code can do. there’s not much intelligence there yet, but the mechanism is connected. added a menu into the Resource List view so the sort can be selected, and started to use Actions to abstract the users selections from the underlying code which implements them.