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RDF Content Negotiation (Apache and Java)

I notice that several folk are arriving at the rdf namespace oddness page which describes the slightly opaque problem of understanding RDF Schema URI’s and how to go about loading them.

I’ve long since found a solution, following a discussion on #rdfig a long time back. That solution is content negotiation, so for the record, here’s how I’ve done it. Continue reading RDF Content Negotiation (Apache and Java)

rdf namespace oddness workaround

One of the thgings I’ve added today is a little code to guess where the schema may be – in order to validate or interpret conent the schema needs to be accessible, so the code now checks for index.rdf and schema.rdf files if the supplied namespace is one that does not end in a “#” or if it ends with a “/”.

Of course these are only tried if the default doesn’t work.

sorts & menu

today i’ve

  1. added sorting to the list of things the code can do. there’s not much intelligence there yet, but the mechanism is connected.
  2. added a menu into the Resource List view so the sort can be selected, and
  3. started to use Actions to abstract the users selections from the underlying code which implements them.