Open Science Coding

Portsmouth ICG alumnus David Parkinson recently wrote: One of these days I’m going to show my python code to someone who actually programs in python for a living. They’re going to laugh. Laugh and laugh and laugh… and laugh. And then cry. David’s not the first scientist I know who’s said this, for example, I […]

That Ozone Seaside Smell

Picture this: it’s a sunny day at the seaside and you’re enjoying an icecream. The human predilection to follow scripted conversation formats is such that you cannot fail to overhear somebody appreciatively inhale before joyously proclaiming “mmmmm, smell that sea air!”, to which a companion will invariably offer a helpfully informative “ah yes, that’s ozone“.

Schrödinger's Preening Booth

Schrödinger’s cat, bless it’s little white paws, had a pretty tough time of it; what with being locked in an imaginary box, and having to share that space with only a decaying radioactive isotope. At the end of the experiment, when the box is opened and the cat is observed, it’s probability wave collapses into […]

Two Nuclear Fallacies

Nuclear Energy is neither carbon-free, nor is it a secure energy, yet our government representatives appear to be drinking in everthing the Nuclear Industry offers them. This morning on the BBC’s Breakfast Television programme we were treated to an interview with Alan Johnson MP, the Trade and Industry Secretary. The interview follows coverage of the […]