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Viva Voce

In Britain, the process of finishing a PhD involves the submission of a written thesis, followed by an oral examination called a viva voce (the literal Latin translation is “live voice”). The “viva”, as it’s commonly known, is an in-depth discussion into all aspects of the thesis which typically lasts between 90 and 180 minutes. It is conducted by a specially convened examination board, with both internal and external examiners, who typically have have four weeks to digest the thesis beforehand. In the viva, the PhD candidate must defend their thesis: if the defence is successful, the candidate is awarded the degree Continue reading Viva Voce

Never mind the technology, feel the community.

This is a bit of a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend quote, but since it’s semantic web related, I guess FOAFesque quoting is allowable. Danny Ayers just commented on Phil Wilson’s comment regarding Nick Lothian’s comment that “Every time anyone dares to question RDF the RDFites assume they don’t know how it works.” Continue reading Never mind the technology, feel the community.

RDF Content Negotiation (Apache and Java)

I notice that several folk are arriving at the rdf namespace oddness page which describes the slightly opaque problem of understanding RDF Schema URI’s and how to go about loading them.

I’ve long since found a solution, following a discussion on #rdfig a long time back. That solution is content negotiation, so for the record, here’s how I’ve done it. Continue reading RDF Content Negotiation (Apache and Java)