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Having tried several solutions for publishing delicious bookmarks on WordPress I came to the conclusion that nothing did what I wanted. What I wanted was each link on the front page, interspersed with any articles I write, so that the time-line of links and articles becomes apparent and the main page is a more dynamic thing that is more useful for me (this is, after all, a long-running set of technical experiments and what-ifs rather than a vanity site). So my experimental sync plug-in is now operational and links can be seen (requires a stylesheet reload), currently, as green items, whereas articles show up blue. Simple, huh? Continue reading

WordCamp UK 2009 Tickets

Last year’s WordCamp UK was a huge success. Around sixty people turned up to the Birmingham gig with backgrounds as diverse as one might hope for and expect, given that WordPress is used by all kinds of people for all sorts of things: bloggers, developers, hackers, journalists, authors, academics, idealists and dreamers were all there, and most stood up and talked for a few minutes on what they’re doing with WordPress, or how they’re making WordPress better, or how they’d like to do stuff if only they could find the help (and lo, the help was forthcoming, and it was good). Following on from that success, it made sense to make WordCampUK an annual affair, so WordCampUK 2009 was born. Continue reading

WordCamp UK Breaks Even

The very good news on the grapevine is that the first WordCamp UK has, already broken even (through sponsorship and ticket sales) with a full 10 days of ticket sales still to go. This is particularly good news since it pretty much guarantees the success of this years event, and future events. If you’ve been thinking about popping along to say hello, now’s a very good time to get your ticket!

WordCamp UK

WordCamp is coming to the UK.  WordCamp is a weekend event where the users and developers of WordPress (i.e. members of the general public) can get together for a series of formal presentations, less formal discussions and informal refreshments.

I’ve run this site on WordPress since 2003.  I’ve also written a couple of plugins for WordPress. So that’s why I’m interested in WordCamp.  It’s a chance for me to put some faces to names and hopefully to help others along the path to publishing using zero cost, free (as in liberty), open source software that adheres to, and promotes global open standards.

If you’re a user of WordPress, or if you’ve gone further and started to develop your own plugins, or if you’d like to start a website but don’t know where to start, or if you’re generally interested in the development of open standards or open source content management systems (and the satellite web services that support them) – WordCamp may be of interest to you.

  • Date: Saturday and Sunday 19-20 July 2008
  • Venue: Aston University, Birmingham
  • Venue: The Studio, Birmingham

Find out more at the WordCamp UK website.

Worst Offenders for WordPress 2.5 – Pre-Alpha

I’m in the process of rewriting the Worst Offenders plugin for the soon-to-be-released WordPress 2.5. Before I make a tested and polished version of the code globally available, I’d be interested to hear from anyone who’d like to alpha test it.

As before Worst Offenders works cooperatively with other anti-spam plugins: its primary purpose is identifying and deleting the comments that are 100% definitely spam (sent by the very worst offenders) so that any “false positives” (sent by real genuine humans) can be rescued from the spam bin! Continue reading

Google Analytics Plugin for BBPress

The plugin system on BBPress is still rather rudimentary (you create a folder called “my-plugins”) and any php that exists therein is considered to be an activated plugin. The good news here is, that (a) it works and (b) it’s so similar to the WordPress that many plugins will magically work without modification. My Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress is (almost) one such example. Continue reading

BBPress Released

BBPress has been released today (try it). For quite some time now I’ve been quietly using BBPress for managing thoughts and discussions on another website. This has been possible for two reasons: firstly, the pre-release version of BBPress has been quite stable and secondly, I’ve been using it in a password protected area so it’s not been open to public use and abuse. Continue reading

Akismet Worst Offenders Extension

This last few weeks the site has been very heavily hit by comment spammers hawking their usual reprobate websites and wasting internet bandwidth. Akismet has been doing a sterling job of catching this spam and not one message has made it onto the site (I wrote about Akismet’s effectiveness in the pre-launch testing previously). In the bad old days before Akismet I’d have to go through the “unmoderated comments list” in order to find the occasional real comment amidst all the spam, this is no longer necessary, which is wonderful. Comment-Spam-Nirvana has not been reached yet, however. Continue reading